Get Involved! Join Our Volunteer Team Today!

Volunteer for ATR and you’ll become a part of a wonderful network of people who love moms + pups just like you! There are plenty of exciting volunteer opportunities, and we look forward to finding the right role for you!

To join our team, start by checking out our volunteer opportunities listed below, and then fill out our volunteer application to get started!


Note: Volunteers must

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Attend our New Volunteer Orientation
  • Complete additional training for chosen role

Volunteer Roles

  • Work with the public to help them find the best doggy match!
  • We ask that you do your best to commit to 2 shifts per week! The available shifts are as follows:

    Weekdays- 10:30-2:00/1:30-5:00/4:30-8:00
    Weekends- 7:30-11:00/10:30-2:00/1:30-5:00/4:30-8:00
Mother Lover
  • Work directly with our mama dogs providing them with various enrichment, exercise, and training! You will be assigned three mama dogs at a time for the entirety of their stay with us. This way, you can get to know these dogs through and through, work with them consistently, let them open up to you, and tell us everything you learn about their personalities to help us match them with the right forever family.
  • We ask that you do your best to commit a minimum of 2 hours per week. Shift times are flexible but must be at least 1 hour per shift!
Puppy Preschool Teacher
  • Help raise a litter of puppies with the proper amount of love, socialization, and enrichment using “Puppy Culture” techniques! You will be assigned a litter of puppies to work with from birth to adoption! We will provide you with day-to-day activities, behaviors, and experiences to work on with your puppies as they grow. Some activities can be done solo, while others will require some team work from other Puppy Preschool Teachers!
  • We ask that you do your best to commit a minimum of 2 hours per week. Shift times are flexible but must be at least 1 hour per shift!
Mutt Makeover Artist
  • Help us make our pups adoption-ready on their big days! Mutt Makeover Artists will bathe our dogs on the morning that they become adoptable to the public to make them feel fine and forever home ready!
  • We ask that you do your best to commit to a minimum of 2 shifts per month. We prefer our pups be bathed the morning that they become adoptable, before we open to the public!
Fundraising team
  • Work directly with our Development Director to raise the money needed to allow us to continue saving lives!
Events team
  • Work directly with our Event Coordinator to pull off kick-ass events that help us raise funds for the doggos!
  • Be the first to see new dogs when you pick up pups that need to be transferred to us from other shelters, help our dogs get the care and surgery they need by bringing them to & from the vet, or get our dogs seen by bringing mamas & pups to off-site events!
  • No time commitment or shifts. We will contact you when transport is needed to see if you are available!
  • We need your help getting our pups seen! You will be taking individual adoption portraits of our doggos, as well as photos of pups playing, mamas getting lovin, volunteers working with the pooches, or any other cute goings on at Almost There Rescue!
  • We occasionally ask for a photographer to attend and photograph our off-site events, and sometimes have special requests for various projects. These photos will be used on our social media and in future marketing!
  • We ask that you do your best to commit to a minimum of one photo session per month.
  • Film and help create training and promotional videos for Almost There Rescue, or come to our facility and film cute behind the scenes videos of the doggos for use on our social media! This could take place on or off site.
Canine Caregiver
  • This AMAZING group of volunteers will step in to help our ACS (Animal Care Specialists) when there is a need.
  • You will learn how to clean and sanitize the facility, handle all animals humanely and safely using safety equipment if necessary, restock supplies, and clean laundry.
  • You also get to work with the moms and pups providing food as required and noting any exceptions placed for that kennel as well as providing clean/fresh water daily!
  • This position also entails interacting with internal and external customers while maintaining a friendly and helpful demeanor.

house and sun
Doggy Day Trip Chaperone

  • This lucky volunteer gets to take one of our sweet mamas on an adventure! You will receive a guide on what you can do with these fantastic mamas. After reading through the guide, take a quiz and sign our Doggy Day Trip Agreement
  • After we receive the Agreement, you can sign up for a day that works best for your schedule! Once you sign up, you will be sent fun photos of all available moms
  • Once you have brought our mama back to the facility, fill out the Doggy Day Trip Report Card. 
  • This Report Card allows us to relay pertinent information to potential adopters. 

Doggy Whisperer

  • Previous dog experience is REQUIRED
  • Directly help our dog friends who are struggling the most and need a helping hand on their journey towards becoming adoptable!
  • Implement forms of enrichment, behavioral modification, and training based on a schedule created by our Behavior Specialists.
  • Doggy Whisperers will be trained directly by our Behavior Specialists and offered continued education classes to ever improve skills in assisting these special moms + pups.