We’re Always Looking for Good People to Join Our Team

Caring for our precious pups and mamas takes a ton of time, effort and people! We’re always keeping a lookout for really great people who can join our team, love what they do and feel the satisfaction that comes with saving the lives of these adorable and deserving animals.

Take a look at our current job openings below!

Foster Coordinator

Full Time
Position Summary:

Recruit and manage foster families to take on various foster assignments for Almost There Rescue. Reach out to fosters families to appoint them a foster assignment, maintain an open line of communication to answer any and all questions a foster family may have regarding their assignment, schedule appointments and drop-off dates, and work to grow and improve our foster program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Welcome foster parents with open arms and make everyone feel like family- remember, we couldn’t do what we do without them!
  • Maintain open lines of communication and resolve concerns and issues in a timely manner.
  • Provide ongoing assistance, coaching, and moral support to foster families.
  • Recruit, organize, and grow the ATR foster program.
  • Facilitate weekly orientations for new foster parents to train them on everything they need to know.
  • Develop and maintain standardized foster care procedures and update existing foster paperwork to keep up with policy changes.
  • Develop new foster paperwork and provide ongoing training as needed to support continued education program for fosters to level up on their skills.
  • Maintain integrity of the Foster Tracking System and all foster-related correspondence including applications, agreements, preferences, etc.
  • Keep track of foster milestones, ie how long they have fostered (months/years) or how many dogs they have fostered (litters, mamas, etc) and send thank yous and/or small rewards to show our gratitude.
  • Communicate foster pleas for dogs needing foster, assign families, and coordinate pick-ups as responses come through.
  • Coordinate the smooth transition of foster animals to and from the shelter and update movements within our Animal Shelter Management tool so all staff is aware of foster assignments and locations of our dogs.
  • Monitor health and behavior of animals in foster care and provide appropriate interventions if needed.
  • Partner with Behavior Manager to accurately match foster dogs to foster homes.
  • Partner with Medical Coordinator to schedule medical treatments, vaccinations, surgeries, and exams for all foster animals and make sure foster parents are all fully aware of all appointment dates and drop offs or pick-ups.
  • Partner with Social Media Coordinator for promotion of foster animals. 
  • Partner with Adoptions Manager for foster and foster referral adoption inquiries. 
  • Previous Foster or Volunteer Coordinator and/or rescue experience preferred but not required.
  • Excellent organizational, communication, team-building, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to form and maintain professional relationships

Animal Care Specialist

Part Time or Full Time

Within the hours of 6am-9pm Monday-Sunday

Position Summary:

A clean home is a happy home! Keep our pups and people happy by tending to the mutternity suites, play areas, and public spaces, making sure to keep every space squeaky clean and sanitized! Keep an eye on our pups to ensure everyone is looking happy & healthy, enter notes and information into our online database, keep our various rooms properly stocked, feed and water the pups, mop the floors, and do laundry. This job is not for the faint of heart: you will see and clean a lot of poop- all different kinds- all day. You will also see a lot of happy wagging tails and receive tons of puppy kisses, which make it all worthwhile!

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Clean and sanitize entire facility (both public and private spaces) and animal habitats according to outlined procedures in a timely manner, including emptying garbage, washing and sanitizing floors, bowls, blankets, and towels in all locations.
  • Clean dog kennels. Have complete knowledge of all cleaning and animal care procedures.
  • Handle all animals humanely and safely using safety equipment if necessary.
  • Feed, water and observe animals brought into Almost There Rescue for signs of illness and behavior pattern changes.
  • Be able to recognize signs of illness or behavior changes and enter correct information into the computer.
  • Knowledge of cleaning chemicals, proper handling of cleaning chemicals, and safety procedures while
    using and handling cleaning chemicals.
  • Interact with internal and external customers while maintaining a friendly and helpful demeanor.
  • Restock supplies in all areas as outlined.
  • Assist in training of new staff members.
  • Move animals as required and change kennel location in the computer.
  • Clean laundry, fold, and neatly stack on shelves.
  • Feed all animals as required. Note any exceptions placed for that kennel. Provide clean/fresh water daily. Check all animal water containers periodically.
  • Transport dogs in Almost There Rescue vehicle when transportation volunteers are not available.
  • Complete other duties as assigned.
  • Previous dog handling experience is preferred but not required.
  • Applicants must have reliable transportation and the ability to perform in an ever changing, hectic environment.
  • This position requires frequent physical demands and movement such as standing, walking, reaching, crouching, kneeling, and the ability to carry supplies and animals weighing over 70lbs.
  • Almost There Rescue employees are exposed to potentially dangerous, fast-moving animals. There will be exposure to dust, heat, cold, wet floors, animal noises, animal odors, and animal dander.

Medical Coordinator

Full Time/ $42,000 - $50,000 annual salary
Position Summary:

Manage the medical side of Almost There Rescue by scheduling appointments, monitoring the health of our dogs, determining when dogs need medical attention, being the point of contact for veterinary and rescue partners, and distributing medications and vaccinations as needed. The Medical Coordinator will assist with the intake of new dogs, communicate with staff and fosters about any health concerns, and treat common illness on site when appropriate.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Schedule veterinary appointments and transport dogs to these appointments.
  • Keep record of and oversee medical status of each animal.
  • Keep open lines of communication with staff regarding the health of each animal.
  • Input medical information and dates into shelter database.
  • Handle the intake of new dogs according to ATR protocol.
  • Work with our Animal Care Supervisor to maintain a responsible intake flow.
  • Maintain biosecurity and train staff on quarantine protocols for on-site dogs.
  • Vaccinate, deworm, treat for fleas/ticks and microchip all dogs and puppies when needed.
  • Check on dogs in person when there is a medical concern.
  • Treat common illnesses and distribute medication on-site when appropriate.
  • Determine when an animal should be seen by a veterinarian.
  • Act as point of contact with veterinary partners, rescue partners, lab partners, and staff on anything medical related.
  • Communicate with foster families when there is a medical concern with their foster dog at all hours, both inside and outside our hours of operation, to determine a course of action.
  • Keep inventory of medical supplies and order more as needed.
  • Develop continuing education for our staff on common shelter illness, common medical procedures, and other medical related topics.
  • All other tasks as required.
  • Experience in the dog medical field required.
  • Animal shelter experience preferred.
  • Must have general knowledge of common shelter illness.
  • Must have constant access to phone and email for communicating, scheduling or approving emergency appointments for fosters outside of normal business hours.