Surrender Resources

We strive to help as many dogs in need as possible, in order to do that we must focus on pregnant and nursing moms and puppies in the state of Arizona. In lieu of being able to take your dog in ourselves, we would like to provide you with as many resources as possible.

The decision to give up your pet is never an easy one and in many cases there are programs that can help. Please follow these steps:

  1. Look into resources that can help you keep your pet(s).
  2. Try rehoming your pet.
  3. If you are unable to keep or rehome your pet(s) after following the first two steps, you can surrender them to ATR or another rescue or shelter.

Support For You and Your Pet

If you are considering surrendering your pet for reasons relating to financial, housing, behavioral or other issues, visit the following websites for more resources and to see if you qualify for assistance:

Rehoming Your Pet

You can always try rehoming your pet yourself through the following resources:

The Next-door App A Neighborhood specific app where people can communicate with their neighbors about various topics, including rehoming pets.

Rehome An adoption platform where people go to find their next furry family member.

Facebook – Posting to your personal Facebook, try posting in the ‘Arizona Rescue’ and ‘Arizona Animal Rescue Alliance’ Facebook pages. There are many rescue resources in these groups and you may have luck finding someone to help.

Surrendering Your Pet

If you find that surrendering your pet is the best option, we suggest visiting these sites to find more information on requirements and how to schedule an appointment:

Local Shelters for Surrendering Your Pet
If the dog(s) you found fit our niche (pregnant or nursing dogs and/or young puppies) you can submit an intake request.