Found a Dog?

Every dog owner worries about losing their canine companion. So what do you do if you
find someone else’s pup?

  1. Check for Identification
  2. Scan for Microchip
  3. Post the Dog on MCACC’s Interactive Lost & Found Map
  4. Complete A Found Animal Report
  5. Search Online Resources
  6. Contact Local Animal Shelters
  7. Post Flyers

Check for Identification

Ideally, the lost dog will have collar ID tags with contact information for the owner. Call every number listed, and
leave a message if nobody answers. If the dog is wearing Maricopa County tag, call 602-506-PETS and follow the
prompts to retrieve the owner’s contact information. You may choose to hold onto the pet for a few hours and wait for
a call back from the owner. If you choose this course of action, it is still advisable to immediately file a “found” report
with your local animal shelter (MCACC) in case the owner calls or goes there to search for the pet.

Scan for Microchip

Any veterinary clinic will have a scanner to check for a microchip. The process is painless and typically free, the
number on the chip links to a pet registration service. If the animal is chipped, the vet clinic will be able to immediately
look up the owner’s contact information by calling the microchip company or accessing the microchip database
online. Although it may be tempting to keep a lost pet and try to find the owner yourself, it is absolutely essential that
the animal be scanned for a microchip.

What Next?

If you’ve called all the numbers associated with the ID tag and microchip or the pet does not have these identifiers,
what options are left for contacting the dog’s owner? First, put flyers up in the neighborhood where the dog was
found, with a good photo of the dog. Then, take advantage of technology. Utilize local websites, such as MCACC &
‘Nextdoor’ that feature a lost and found animal section. Browse lost pet listings and post a message of your own. You
can also use Facebook pages, Craigslist, or other social media sites to let people know you’ve found a lost dog. If you
can’t keep the dog for a long period of time, you can post on these sites and ask if anyone is willing to foster the pup
until the owner is found or a rescue has enough space to take them.

Please see these resources:

Post the Dog on MCACC’s Interactive Lost & Found Map

This interactive map allows residents of Maricopa County to actively post the location where a dog was seen loose or where an animal was found. Once added, animals will stay on this map for a maximum of 5 days.

Complete A Found Animal Report

Complete a Found Animal Report form online.

Search Online Resources

Many neighborhood resources make reuniting dogs and owners much easier. Post about the pet you found
on these sites:

Facebook groups: LostDogsArizona, Straydar, neighborhood groups

Contact Local Animal Shelters

  • Arizona Humane Society – 602.997.7585 Ext. 2082
  • MCACC – 602.372.4598. (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
  • Central/West Valley – 602.506.PETS (7387)
  • East Valley – 602.506.PETS (7387)

Post Flyers

Post flyers within a several-mile radius of where you found the dog, along with a description and/or picture of the pet and your phone

Contact Local Shelters for Intake
If the dog(s) you found fit our niche (pregnant or nursing dogs and/or young puppies) you can submit an intake request.