Volunteer + Foster Manager

We are seeking a highly professional and dedicated individual to join our team as Volunteer & Foster Programs Manager. In this key role, you will be responsible for recruiting and managing foster families and volunteers for Almost There Rescue. Your primary objective will be to ensure the successful orientation, engagement, and support for our fosters and volunteers. You will establish and maintain strong relationships, provide ongoing assistance and guidance, and contribute to the growth and enhancement of our foster and volunteer programs. The Volunteer & Foster Manager will work closely with the Volunteer & Foster Coordinator, sharing certain responsibilities and working individually on others. The Volunteer & Foster Manager must have a general understanding of dog medicine, behavior, and an overall comfort around dogs of all sizes and temperaments.

Animal Care Specialist

A clean home is a happy home! Keep our pups and people happy by tending to the mutternity suites, play areas, and public spaces, making sure to keep every space squeaky clean and sanitized! Keep an eye on our pups to ensure everyone is looking happy & healthy, enter notes and information into our online database, keep our various rooms properly stocked, feed and water the pups, mop the floors, and do laundry. This job is not for the faint of heart: you will see and clean a lot of poop- all different kinds- all day. You will also see a lot of happy wagging tails and receive tons of puppy kisses, which make it all worthwhile!

Front Desk Receptionist

Almost There Rescue is looking for an organized and charismatic individual who handles a chaotic environment well and excels in multitasking. The front desk receptionist will be responsible for answering calls, emails, and questions from the public, maintaining an organized environment, managing and assisting visitors, entering information into our shelter database, completing adoptions, selling merchandise, and keeping track of inventory. This person should be compassionate and detail-oriented. This position will require you to communicate with adopters during heightened emotional times and may require difficult conversations.